Effective internship programs facilitate recruitment, reduce entry-level hiring costs and boost productivity. They also help companies attract and retain the brightest and the best, with almost 40% of employers reporting a higher retention rate among employees hired through their internship programs.


WHAT: Internship Productivity Multiplier

WHY: For Employers that Need to:

• Fix Your Internship

• Design or Expand Your Program

Integrate Mentoring

Train Supervisors

• Align Strategic Goals


HOW: For employers WITH programs – 

Our proprietary Internship Performance Scorecard™ will quickly assess the 9 core areas to fully harness optimal success: Alignment, Administration, Optimization, Recruitment, Onboarding, Retention, Productivity, Integration, Allotment and Measurement

For employers WITHOUT programs

Our free Program Value-Feasibility Assessment will determine whether an internship is a sound investment and if the organization is able to assure success.


Matt Zinman, Team Leader and Founder of the Internship Institute, has been at the forefront of best practices and internship program design for nearly 15 years as well as brings forth his own experience in managing and mentoring well over 200 student interns throughout his endeavors. He’s also the developer of the Total Internship Management System and multimedia training workshop for supervisors and mentors.


We help employers install and manage certification-worthy internship programs using our proven Blueprint for
Internship Success — and we make it easy. We provide all of the tools to make your organization more competitive in
today’s talent-centric marketplace.

Installing Internships

Our TrainingCorps veterans plant and cultivate best practice internship programs by providing employers, supervisors, mentors and students with the materials, training and ongoing guidance to harness the full potential of internships and maximize return on investment.

Intern Productivity Study

Our five-year study demonstrates how one supervisor can gain 225+ full days of work productivity by putting interns to work in all the right ways.

Internship Success Stories

Discover how companies like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, East Penn Manufacturing, the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau and more have achieved success and added value through our strategic internship initiatives.

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Join our community to find out how interns can help your business​ or organization​ increase productivity and more.