In the absence of opportunity, there is none.

And yet, the opportunity to gain work experience and hone employable skills is the difference between stagnancy and upward mobility for at-risk youth and other disadvantaged individuals.

The Internship Institute specializes in employer engagement and technical support to build “The Opportunity Capacity” among host work sites as well as to assure the quality, integrity,sustainability and expansion of those collective opportunities.

Some of our work occurs in concert with social services agencies, nonprofit support organizations and advocates to create win-win opportunities for employers to put at-risk youth to work in ways that benefit their business.

For example, our project with West End Neighborhood House in an impoverished section in Wilmington, Delaware aligns employer needs for workers with needed opportunities for youth to gain work experience.

We also improve and diversify these employer work-learning programs by incorporating mentoring, job shadowing, informational interviews and rotational project work along with other capacity-building endeavors.

There’s no substitute for experience – nor that for making a difference.