Introducing the Internship Installation eToolkit

Ideal for new and existing internship programs!

Unleash your organization’s productivity with the Internship Installation eToolkit, a proven, employer-centric approach to effective internship management and optimum program quality and efficiency


Best practices, do-it-yourself instructions for every step of the way.

HIRING: Our time-saving tools for program managers facilitate recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding

MANAGING: The heart of our program is a 90-minute multimedia seminar to train intern supervisors to more productively task and manage up to four interns each.

GROWING: We provide skills development resources to turn interns into capable, experienced employees.

IMPROVING: Addressing the bottom line starts at the top, with a rich mentorship program and the goal of program quality certification.


Our advanced learning behavior training methodology includes:

  • A “Train-the-Trainer” Content Orientation Video & Guide for HR/program managers
  • 90-minute DIY multimedia supervisor workshop
    • Workshop Facilitator Guide
    • Program User Guide
    • Narrated “Blueprint for Internship Success” video
    • Internship Supervisor Guidebook/Workbook
  • Mentoring Tutorial and Weekly Activity Guide
  • 100s of online tips, templates and productivity tools
  • Dozens of industry-specific project planning guides
  • Internship eToolkit
  • Program certification checklist
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If your company or organization needs a bit more than our DIY eToolkit, we are happy to offer custom-built internship programs and onsite consulting services to help build and grow a program that meets your unique needs. Please fill out the contact form below and we’ll contact you shortly.