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It takes many ‘boots on the ground’ to plant internships successfully and to nurture them to thrive. The Internship Institute TrainingCorps program aspires to employ U.S. military veterans as field experts to provide fee-based Internship Seeding services to businesses and non-profits. Services include recruitment of interns, assistance with training and project supervision and certification programs.

As a result of TrainingCorps activities, students gain assistance in finding the right internships for their needs. Once placed, they receive skills training to improve job performance and gain the best experience possible to maximize their employability.


Complete Training: Full knowledge of internship best practices and Blueprints of Internship Success; gain full understanding of training content and resources, systems and policies; demonstrate competencies necessary to succeed in the position.

Identify Employers for Internship Programs: Perform outreach to engage target companies; capture intelligence gained from screening questions and other information sources; utilize technology for tracking, matching and other functions.

Train Employer Personnel: Orient clients to lead their Program; deliver training content and teach mentoring curriculum; assist client personnel in developing materials needed to recruit interns.

Manage and Facilitate Internship Program: Develop relevant contacts, recruit personnel for needed roles and internships; manage relationships with clients to facilitate ongoing services; provide assistance for clients onboarding interns; administer a customized student skills training course and certifications.

Administer Quality Program: Work with clients to assure program quality, integrity and longevity; monitor program performance; drive continuous program improvement using surveys, assessments and gap analysis; ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and academic institution requirements.


Our fee-for-service revenue model — led by veterans and paid by employers — is designed to sustain the TrainingCorps jobs, as well as to create additional job opportunities for more veterans to join the Internship Institute. Through this, we aim to make an exponential social impact by developing a new, meaningful occupational classification just for veterans.